Claw Catch Circus Juggle

I found another juggling trick I might be able to handle. It’s the claw catch. I saw a number of YouTube demonstrations. As usual, I tend to confuse them.

I slapped the balls down instead of catching them. And I think I’m going to need safety goggles or just quit wearing my eyeglasses when I juggle. I miss a few throws and the ones I do get look pretty wild. That’s how I get my exercise.

The claw catch really does look better if you use both left- and right-hand throws. I hope my left shoulder holds up. Being ambidextrous will help me do continuous right and left claw catches—maybe.

Introducing the Hula Shower Juggle!

Today, I spent a lot of time practicing the shower juggling pattern. I didn’t know it at the time, but I invented a new variation of the shower: the hula. I made a video of it and about a minute and a half into it, I noticed I was doing the pattern wrong.

It looked like I was doing the hula! I was trying to get the horizontal pass across at first and was doing OK—until I wasn’t.

I think part of the reason was that I was tired of making only a couple of throws at a time. Doing the hula seemed to raise my average.

According to Juggleman:

Doing it wrong will make you an artist.


I guess inventing the hula shower juggle makes me an artist. You’re welcome. No applause necessary—just throw money.

Ugly Juggling Shower Slow Practice is Still Progress

I’m still practicing the shower juggling pattern. I’ve got an ugly presentation with claw-grabbing, flattening the half shower fake jobs, and uneven throw spacing. But I’m not quitting yet.

I’m trying to follow the JuggleMan’s example.

I didn’t get a breakthrough until yesterday when I tried my black and gold Hawkeye juggling balls. I guess they’re lucky!

Sena is still practicing the basics of trying to introduce the third ball into a cascade pattern, just like I’m trying to get the third ball into the shower pattern. She thinks one to two minutes is long enough to practice, though.

Slow progress is still progress.

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