Making The Tear Drop Jim Picture

I had so much fun making the picture of me crying me, meaning what I now call Tear Drop Jim, as the featured image for my blog post, “Jim’s Only Kidding Endlessly” (which by the way contains the acronym JOKE).

The tearing and light sensitivity after the retinal detachment surgery was a nuisance. It’s gradually resolving.

I made a screen recorder video of how I created the image using PowerDirector 17.

Black Psychiatrists in Iowa: A Brief Update

I was just googling the search terms “Black Psychiatrists in Iowa” and “African American Psychiatrists in Iowa” recently after finding a broken link in my 2019 blog post “Black Psychiatrists Iowa.”

I always think it’s funny that the results of my web search invariably show mainly a couple of mistakes. One is that I typically find my colleague, Dr. Donald Black, MD, a white male, misidentified as Black. The other mistake is that the search engine makes is confusing psychologists with psychiatrists, as though there were no difference. This happens every time, even nowadays in what many would call the era of wokeness.

The broken link was to what I thought was The 2018 Greater Iowa African American Resource Guide. I discovered the link leads to Iowa State University Diversity, Equity and Inclusion web page along with the “Page not found” notice. I could not find a 2018 issue of the guide on the web.

I found the 2019 guide, which showed that there were only two Black psychiatrists listed, me and Dr. Rodney J. Dean who founded the Dean and Associates psychiatry clinic in Sioux City, Iowa. I guess now there might be only one Black psychiatrist in Iowa.

I could not find later editions of the guide following 2019. I don’t know they were compiled or published by Kimberly Baxter, Director of the Iowa Accountability Program (IAP). According to the director, the guide was widely thought of as useful (see page ii of the guide). I wonder if the Covid-19 pandemic played some role in halting production of the guide.

However, I found a newsletter published (I didn’t see a date) on the Iowa Judicial Branch web page of Iowa Court dot gov web site, indicating the IAP was still active in domestic violence prevention programs. The IAP received a $900,000 continuation grant from the US Department of Justice, Office on Violence Against Women to continue court services for domestic violence victims. Thankfully, Kimberly Baxter is still active as Executive Director of Special Projects.

I don’t know if there will ever be another edition of The Greater Iowa African American Resource Guide.  I think it did a better job of tracking how many Black psychiatrists there are in Iowa than Dr. Google ever did.

Jim’s Only Kidding Endlessly

Title: Jim’s Only Kidding Endlessly

It has been a little over 3 weeks since my retinal detachment surgery. I got a scleral buckle and didn’t need a vitrectomy in which you get a gas or oil bubble placed and have to keep your head down which would have made it even easier for me to not see dirt.

By the way, I mostly complied with the postoperative recommendation against lifting anything over 20 pounds. However, a few days after surgery I felt like I could restart with half my usual exercise routine so I tried 30 reps each of 800-pound squats, 600-pound curls, 1200-pound bench presses, and I guess about a half hour into that routine, my scleral buckle popped out, ricocheted off a couple of walls and the ceiling, landing on the floor. Boy, I cleaned that mess up right away, but had a little trouble getting it buckled up again. It’s tricky doing that in front of a mirror. 

It’s normal to have a lot of tearing after this kind of surgery. I looked like I was crying constantly out of one eye for a good two weeks after the procedure. It’s gradually slowing down. I quit taking one or two doses of acetaminophen a day for pain after two weeks.

I don’t see the shadow in the top part of my visual field anymore. I noticed that after only a few days, at least after the swelling went down enough so that I could at least open my eye. I was pretty light sensitive, but that’s eased off.

But I cried a river for a couple of weeks. I dabbed at the runoff with a lot of tissues, which I suspect contributed to the irritation. After a while I wondered whether there might be another procedure which could slow it down or at least divert the flood.

You could name the procedure Retinal Implant Diverting Irritating Cascading Unrelenting Liquid Ophthalmic Urinary System. Of course, this would divert tear flow to your bladder.

I suppose that might make you run frequently to the bathroom instead of to the tissue box.

The other option would be to divert the tear runoff to a small tank (hangs on your belt) of reverse-engineered alien ray gun chemical ammo which, as everyone knows, reacts with the acidic tears and can kill dandelions and crabgrass from about 50 yards as well as deodorize Bigfoot.

The federal government denies all of this, but the Freedom of Information act allowed me to obtain documents which, despite the heavily redacted content, proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that I should be the star of my own paranormal TV show.

Thank you for your time.

Chin Technique for Sofa Table Assembly

There are a few handy man jobs Sena lets me do around the house. They tend to be chores like Knock Down Furniture assembly. The most recent job was a small sofa table. You know, usually the companies send you a cheap tool to put things like this together. This time they didn’t enclose a hex head wrench—because they didn’t use hex head screws. The sofa table came with Phillips head screws—but no Phillips head screwdriver. No problem; I have one of those.

In the video I made, I mention the chin technique to use when you’re putting stuff like this together by yourself. You just hold on to the parts with your chin pressing against your shoulder. I don’t have a patent on it yet.

CrossCribb Marathon Rookies

We finally started making a video of us playing CrossCribb. It took a while, partly because it takes more time to finish a game than we thought it would. If we’re playing it right, each hand or round takes about 8-10 minutes including scoring. We figure you’re supposed to play to 31, according to the rules. We played and filmed 6 rounds before our camera’s battery had to be recharged. We were 30-29 at that point with me leading.

Later when the battery was recharged, we played the 7th round. I won by a nose.

I’m not sure that making an hour long CrossCribb video will win any academy awards so I might plan this as a series of videos, one per round.

Playing it is a lot of fun! No wonder it has won awards. Knowing how to count cribbage points in cards gives you a leg up on playing and scoring.

You can find the rules on the web site.

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