Looking for Hummingbirds

My wife and I are trying to attract hummingbirds this weekend. This is a new project for us. She got a couple of feeders and some nectar we mixed with water and a little beer. No, I’m kidding; we wouldn’t try to get any hummingbirds drunk.

One of the feeders is pretty fancy. You know, it sort of looks like an upside-down beer bottle–just sayin’.

I’ve tried to get snapshots and videos of hummingbirds before. They’re usually pretty blurry and jittery, just like the birds.

Really doctored this one…

We’re hoping that the flowers will help lure them to our garden.

Do hummingbirds like Columbine?

They probably don’t care for Allium; it’s in the onion family.


We’ve got a garden ornament that might help draw them. And as long as our garden goonbird (a well-known cryptid) behaves and doesn’t scare them off–we might see the little guzzlers in a few days.

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