Walking the Terry Trueblood Trail in May

We took a walk on the Terry Trueblood Trail yesterday and saw quite a few birds even though it’s early in the season. We caught sight of Orchard Orioles and got a snapshot for the first time of a bird that can fool you into thinking it’s a robin.

There are a lot of Tree Swallows nesting out there. It’s too soon for babies. Sena got a couple of great shots of a sassy Red-Winged Blackbird. I got my first good shot of a Gray Catbird.

Red-Wing Blackbird on the Terry Trueblood Trail
Gray Catbird

It’s very peaceful out there—except when the bugs fly up your nose.

When we got home, we noticed the House Finches flitting around the juniper tree where the giant crow stole all their chicks the other day. It looks like they’re planning to rebuild. Foolhardy.

The robins may have abandoned their nest under the deck but they’ve built a regular Hoorah’s Nest in our front yard crabapple tree. It still needs a proper floor.

Terry Trueblood Trail video
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