The Bird Saga

The bird saga continues and it has been a little rocky. The cardinals are having an up and down course with their young. They lost a chick. One egg was laid a bit late and so the two chicks remaining are vastly different in size.

Big brother and little brother

The house finches are hatching. So far there were two hatchlings we could see. Out of the five eggs it was hard to tell what happened to the other three. I could see only two; one of them was the brown egg.

My wife took a shine to one of the house finch nestlings. She calls it her “little alien.” Funny, I always thought I was her little alien. Both of the babies look like they have Mohawk haircuts.

The robins probably have abandoned their carefully built nest under our deck. It has been a few days now since the nest was completed and no eggs are in it.

Now we’re starting to see Baltimore Orioles flitting around our garden. There were three of them (all males) and I could barely get snapshots of two. I doubt we’ll see nests. They build pretty high up in the trees.

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