The Medical-Psychiatry Unit

I guess I’m incorrigible; there are now 4 eggs in the robins’ nest. Progress there reminded me of another kind of progress–in integrated health care.

On that note, this is just a brief update on the Medical-Psychiatry Unit (MPU). I thought it would be a good time to do this since a hard-working Pennsylvania psychiatrist notified me of the very successful Medical Complexity Unit (MCU) in operation at Reading Hospital. See my post from May 23, 2019.

I co-attended on our MPU for 17 years before I chose to concentrate on the Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry (CLP) service. The health insurance payer system challenges have probably not changed much. I still believe that the MPU is a great place to teach trainees to appreciate the rewards and challenges of caring for patients with complex, comorbid psychiatric and medical issues.

I hope the video makes the case for that. I decided it didn’t need a voice over. I welcome any comments and questions.

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