The Beard Kit and the Promise of Beignets Arrive

Yesterday, the beard kit and other items were delivered. The other items were a barber cape and Café Du Monde Beignet Mix. I took a picture of all of them and can’t readily explain why the odd item out seems to be the Beignet Mix. Sena cuts my hair and the old cape just needs to be replaced.

We got the Café Du Monde mix and the rolling pin because Sena plans to make Beignets in the near future. We were in New Orleans while I was attending an Academy of Consultation-Liaison annual meeting in November 2015. We actually got Beignets while we there and we’re pretty sure it was at the Café Du Monde. It was sprinkling rain and a bit chilly that day, but the Beignets were delicious.

Maybe Sena plans to sprinkle powdered sugar in my beard after I get it rehabbed with the beard kit.

Anyway, the unboxed beard kit, which is made by a company called Viking, was very well packed and contained many tools and products. A couple of them are worth commenting about because they raised puzzling questions, at least for me. The beard wash and beard conditioner both contain cautions about using them if you’re pregnant, advising consultation with your physician. I’m sure about the wording because I had to use a magnifying glass to read the labels.

Initially I was not sure why women would use them at all. I searched the internet and it turns out that a woman can use beard oil (which also comes with my new kit) for the hair on her head, face, cuticles, and more. I guess when you think about it, beard wash and conditioner are not that different from products women use for their own hair. I’m still not sure why they should consult a physician before using them.

The kit came with beard balm. I gather from reading on the internet that it conditions and softens the beard. The beard brush is used after applying beard balm, to spread it out. It looks kind of like softened butter. Wild boar bristle brushes are frequently recommended for exfoliating skin and distributing the oils on skin. Brushing with it actually feels good. I’m not so sure about claims that it can promote more beard growth, but the bristles are stiff enough that I can spread the hair I do have over the potholes!

Sometimes badger bristles are used in brushes instead of wild boar hair but it’s far less common. I suggest avoiding this topic with anyone from Wisconsin, especially if he played football in college.

The kit also came with both a beard comb and a smaller mustache comb. Many advise using both but caution against using a brush on wet hair. The small pair of scissors is very sharp. My first use of it was to cut the foil seals glued very tightly to the bottles of beard wash and beard conditioner. They’re very good for snipping off the flyaways.

There’s a lot more to know about getting this beard thing right than I ever imagined. And Sena has a rolling pin and will make Beignets. We’ll pretend we’re in New Orleans. I’ll get powdered sugar in my beard and I won’t have to brush it out with a wild boar bristle brush because my beard is already white.

Thoughts on Beards

Sena ordered a beard kit for me. I’ve never seen one before. I’ve been trying to grow a beard for the last several months. It’s a new thing. Before retirement, I could get away with a mustache or a circle beard stubble. But I couldn’t see working at the hospital while trying to grow a full beard.

I’ve trimmed it a couple of times; I have a beard trimmer with a set of guards. I’ve got some bare spots, like a lot of guys. We saw a YouTube commercial about a product called beard growth oil. The guy said it covered his “potholes” in no time.

All the beard kits have about the same items. There’s beard shampoo, beard balm, and beard oil. They can have fragrances, like peppermint and eucalyptus or sandalwood. A lot of them seem to have infusions of things like avocado and papaya. The makers are big on natural stuff.

I’m just trying to grow a beard, not make a salad.

The kit has a comb, a brush, and scissors. I think the brush bristles are made of boar hairs. I wonder what’s special about boar hairs. Some of the kits come with beard growth oil and even a little mini roller to roll it into the hair roots. Some guys swear by it. I can’t help laughing when I think about it. And there are a large number of positive reviews about the kits in general.

I’m not sure what I would look like after beard growth oil. I might have a totally different appearance. If the kit comes with hair coloring, I might end up looking a little sinister.

On the other hand, I might resemble a department store Santa Claus. I’m not looking for the job.


I’m not sure what’ll happen with this. Until now, I have tended not to mess with my facial hair other than to snip away the stragglers and fly-aways.

I follow some guidelines. I trim the mustache away from my upper lip. I have no interest in tasting my meals long after I’m done eating. I shave neck hairs above my Adam’s apple. That doesn’t mean I’m uppity about neck beards. I just don’t like a scratchy neck.

We’ll see.

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