Cryptid Caught on Camera!

OK, so we really didn’t capture a cryptid last night—but the point today is that we certainly could have. What proves this is the accidental shot of my groin (relax, clothed!) this morning just before I touched the critter cam which was still working within the time setting.

This proves that the camera works as it should. But again, I didn’t get any pictures overnight. This isn’t surprising, really. When you think about it, you have to get really lucky to catch a cryptid on the first couple of nights you mount a critter camera in your back yard.

This reminds me of the show The Proof is Out There, hosted by Tony Harris, who has the right mix of a sense of humor, skepticism, and an open mind. The program delves into the paranormal by various experts examining videos people send in. Lots of stuff gets debunked, although some end up being either unexplained or clearly identified as something which exists in the natural world. Michael Primeau is the forensic video analyst (“This video is clearly faked.”).

Last night, the show’s experts looked at a video which showed what clearly looked like either a cryptid, an extraterrestrial, or a fraud. It turned out to be a kind of moth called Creatonotos gangis. One of the experts called it a kind of Tiger Moth. The male of the species develops several tentacles which make it look like it’s a cross between a mini-octopus and a little alien. Those tentacles are scent glands used to attract a mate.

So, could a winged dragon explain why there are no discernible tracks in our yard? On the other hand, we found a suspicious pile of poop in our yard nearby the target area of interest in the vicinity of the drain tile grate—which is still intact.

I got an F grade in Cryptid Crapology, but I think we could narrow this down. According to at least one internet authority, the poop is much too large for a squirrel, chipmunk, mouse or rat. It’s certainly not consistent with bird poop. It’s probably not from a raccoon because you usually find berries and seeds in it.

It could be from an opossum. They’re nocturnal. That reminds me of the scratching noises in our attic. It doesn’t explain why the tradesmen who fixed our exhaust vent found a walkie-talkie up there. Opossums use telepathy to communicate, as you all know. But I can’t figure out why an opossum would mess with our drain tile grate.

I don’t think it’s bear poop. The scat is usually much larger and would contain berries and seeds because it’s an omnivore. Deer poop is rounder.

Sena saw a skunk in our yard in the past, but the poop doesn’t look typical for skunk. If you poke it, it would likely have remnants of undigested feathers, fur, and seeds. I did not poke it and that could be one reason why I flunked Cryptid Crapology.

I don’t know why dragon poop is not listed.

The drain tile grate has been secure for about a week now. But I may keep trying to catch the cryptid on camera, just in case. I could get a video on The Proof is Out There.

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