Soaring Bird in the Neighborhood

This afternoon after we returned home after lunch out, I got a picture of what could have been the bird that made off with a mouthful of house finch chicks last month.

I don’t know why I didn’t draw up the window blind when I first heard the sound of what reminded me of a bed sheet flapping in a high wind a month ago.

When I finally did crack the blind, I saw the huge, black bird with what seemed like a wingspan as long as my leg beating those wings mightily at the air to stay aloft as it plucked the baby birds from the tree.

It was fast as lightning and the theft was done so quickly, I had no time to be more than a witness.

I vowed not to go pawing into trees anymore looking for bird nests just to get snapshots. I think I gave the big predatory bird, whether crow or turkey vulture or whatever it was a visual cue to where its prey lay helpless.

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