Another Deer Hassles the Tabby

Yesterday, we saw another episode of a whitetail deer hassling the blond and white tabby who was just minding its own business hunting for mice. The deer was definitely not pleased and tried to scare the cat off.

They don’t get along, probably because deer and cats are natural enemies.

You got to hand it to the cat who just kept hunting despite the deer glaring and stomping its feet. Under pressure, the cat caught two mice, right in front of the deer.

That tabby’s got nerves of steel.

Author: James Amos

I'm a retired consult-liaison psychiatrist. I navigated the path in a phased retirement program through the hospital where I was employed. I was fully retired as of June 30, 2020. This blog chronicles my journey.

2 thoughts on “Another Deer Hassles the Tabby”

    1. Wow. The turkeys around here don’t tolerate whitetail deer and will chase after them. I don’t know what they would do to a feral cat. We might find out pretty soon. Animal hijinks are starting to heat up around here this spring.


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