Second Covid Vaccine Booster Got Any Mojo?

Tomorrow’s April Fool’s Day and I thought I’d get this post up today so it wouldn’t get confused with a joke.

I’m genuinely a little confused about the FDA and CDC approval of the 2nd Covid vaccine booster. It’s almost like this vaccine is getting a mojo of some kind, at least with some experts.

Although I’m not keen on getting another jab, I’ll do it if there is reasonable evidence to support it. Not everyone on the FDA Advisory committee is for it. Dr. Paul Offit was quoted in a news story as saying, “We’re going to have to learn to live with mild disease at some point.” 

Dr. Offit is the director of the Vaccine Education Center at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. I’ve heard him speak at FDA Advisory Committee meetings during public Zoom meetings on the subject and I respect his opinion. He doesn’t think frequent boosting is a reasonable thing to do. I’m inclined to agree with his opinion that most people won’t do it anyway. I’m sure he’ll have more to say at the April 6 FDA Covid Vaccine Advisory Committee meeting.

I was not surprised to learn that of the 90 million Americans who got their initial Covid vaccine series, only about half got the first booster. What kind of mojo is that?

Even the Pfizer drug company CEO, Albert Bourla, says frequent boosting is impractical.

There is some serious doubt in my mind about the booster mojo. Sena says that it would be helpful if more local infectious disease experts would express their own opinions about the direction this vaccination strategy is going. She has a point.

Does the Covid vaccine booster have any mojo? What do you think?

Featured image picture credit: pixydotorg.

Author: James Amos

I'm a retired consult-liaison psychiatrist. I navigated the path in a phased retirement program through the hospital where I was employed. I was fully retired as of June 30, 2020. This blog chronicles my journey.

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