We Hung a Wall Clock and Survived

Today Sena and I hung a wall clock. It was not just any wall clock. We got tired of hearing the darn ticking noise on our old clock. Sena got a non-ticking silent wall clock made by a company called Plumeet.

I could not find a video that showed exactly how you use the provided no trace nail hanger hook for hanging the clock on the wall. There were plenty of short videos on how great the clock looks and how quiet it is—but it was never running and no one ever showed you how you install it on a real wall in real life. So we made one.

It’s harder than it looks to fix the no trace nail hanger hook to the wall. The nails are tiny and tend to pop out of the hanger as you hammer them. They are hard to find in the carpet fibers. There are no discernible nail heads. The obvious advantage of that is to make it so much easier to mash your fingers instead—which is more entertaining.

The instructions don’t make it much easier because they’re comical. Be sure to read the first sentences in the Note and in the Tips sections.

Notes: “When the clock walks incorrectly or stops walking, please replace the battery.”

Tips: “When you are not in use, please uninstall the batteries and lay up the item in a dry place.”

Whenever you see a clock walk incorrectly, you should immediately stop smoking or drinking whatever chemical you got. If they are not illegal and you have not consumed too much, then schedule an emergency eye clinic appointment where you can get your eyes dilated with mydriatic drops, rendering you completely incapable of seeing anything with any clarity whatsoever. That will at least give you something else to worry about.

And when you are not in use, you should either take a nap or reconcile yourself to being retired. Counseling is available and you should energetically avoid it, as usual.

The Plumeet is a silent clock. It makes no ticking sound whatsoever. And it’s about as difficult to hang on the no trace nail hook as it would be to hang on any other hook.

That’s because there’s no difference in the way you actually hang it from the hole in the back of the clock. Whether you use the no trace nail hanger hook or a Highway Thru Hell snatch block, you’ll still have to go by feel and peek a few times around the side of the clock to figure out how to actually hang it. Luck plays a significant role.

Read the instructions for fun. They are also written in German, which may or may not be helpful or amusing.

Author: James Amos

I'm a retired consult-liaison psychiatrist. I navigated the path in a phased retirement program through the hospital where I was employed. I was fully retired as of June 30, 2020. This blog chronicles my journey.

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