Hoofing it Around the Hospital

Again today, I hoofed it around the hospital. I put 43 floors and a little over 4 miles on my step counter.

I don’t like waiting for elevators so I take the stairs. And a Consult-Liaison Psychiatrist is like a fireman, running all over putting out fires.

I did other things today. I gave the usual lecture on delirium and dementia to the medical students. I notice that as I have gotten older, I tend to tell more anecdotes about my experiences managing delirium in patients on the medical side of the hospital.

I’m in my anecdotage, as I told the students today.

I also lamented the decision by the powers that be to copyright the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA). The medical students will be able to use it for free, but faculty won’t.

I think that’s ageism. I won’t pay so I won’t use the MoCA anymore.

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