Second Covid-19 Booster Jab Done

Yesterday I got the second Covid-19 booster jab. Sena got hers shortly before I did. The pharmacy was practically deserted. Nobody is waiting in line to get this one, evidently. Sena and I are now 4 for 4 jabs with no end in sight unless somebody comes up with a new vaccine that’ll last longer than a couple of months.

No pharmacy employees wore masks. I think I was the only one in the store who wore one. I’m not sure what to think of that. We’re still wearing masks out in public.

Some infectious disease specialists are recommending you get the 2nd booster if you’re over 60, even if you don’t have serious medical comorbidities.

Keeping a watchful eye on transmission levels in the areas where you live is also important. Right now, it’s low in ours. But that could change, especially if we ignore the Swiss cheese method for protecting ourselves from Covid-19.

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