Back on the Wards

I was back on the wards today. It was pretty busy in the hospital over the weekend as usual. Mondays are almost always days when psychiatry consultations are pretty heavy, and Fridays are about the same. I got 2.3 miles and 17 floors on the step counter today.

I’m trying out adjusting my exercise and mindfulness practice—mindfulness in the morning and exercise in the evening. Since I get up pretty early anyway, I tried the yoga this morning and after the day was done, I did my exercise routine. It might be hard to stay awake through sitting meditation tomorrow morning. We’ll just have to see how it goes.

In my off-service time, I’ve been trying to work on cooking—sort of. I’m fair at best even with frozen pizzas. That’s a shame for someone who used to make pizza.

Home-made pizza I made–not that long ago.

I’m just OK with microwave popcorn. On the other hand, I managed not to ruin Jiffy Pop popcorn. Remember that?

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